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My Bucketlist


I just wanted to share my personal bucketlist with the world.

Feel free to comment your bucketlist items, maybe I’ll add it to my own!

Visit Mcadow, Ireland

Visit Laubach, Germany

Pet a Tiger


Have a pet Fox

Go on an Alaskan Cruise

See the Northern Lights

Walk across Abbey Road in London

Go on a cross country road trip

Live in another country

Participate in a Murder Mystery Dinner

Spend a week in Denver,CO

Spend a week in NYC

Spend a week in Portland,OR

Write an article for the Cincinnati Enquirer

Write a book

Get that book published

Be a Cretive Director on a shoot for a huge magazine like Vogue

Meet Tyra Banks

Meet Nigel Barker

Meet JK Rowling

Work on an episode of The Walking Dead

Have a photoshoot in a castle

Be the Art Director/Set Decorator for a MAJOR movie

Have a lead role in a movie

Do the Pay It Forward idea

Blow Glass

Get 10,000 hits on my blog

Buy another Compound Bow

Do the Ancestry DNA kit

Sell my photos

Be on a season of Big Brother

Be on the Ellen show

Be front page on a magazine

Own a home

Walk the Red Carpet

Sit front row at NY Fashion Week

Get out of debt


My Anxious Life


“Crap.” “This can’t be happening.” “Why would he do that?””Gosh, that semi driver almost hit me!”   “They’re talking about me…what did I do now?” “They need me in the office? I’m getting fired…great.” “I’m a day late on the electric, I hope they don’t shut it off!” “Did I turn off the oven?” “My turn to speak, I’m freaking out.” “Help me God.” “I can’t do this.” “I want to punch her!” ” I hope I’m doing good at work.” “I’m a horrible wife.”

This is basically me every single day. Constantly. I am so full of anxiety that sometimes I don’t even know why I’m anxious. I sometimes just cry for no reason at all…heart racing…deep anger in the pit of my stomach. It’s crazy, right? I can sometimes be in the best mood, then I get home and out of no where I’m irritable. I’ve dealt with this for about 12 years so far and I haven’t found anything that works permanantly.

So if you are like me…here are some tips my Mom (who is an intervention specialist so she knows psychology) and my Husband (who just knows me) had to give and they help for a while.


  1. Don’t Dwell. This is a tough one for me to follow. I stew in the bad thoughts (I don’t want to, my mind just won’t think of anything else once I’m stressed out). Try to think of reasons why “it” could go right. Try not to hold the grudge. Focus on right NOW; not stressing out over something bad that may or may not happen later.
  2. Take a deep breath and keep counting until you feel your heart rate slow down. This gives you time to release th
    e pressure that builds, and gives you time. Time to think before you act/speak. Time to try to do number 1!
  3. Solve the problem. If you need help, think of a person who would help you. If you need tasks done, make a list and do the easy stuff first. This builds your confidence and it makes it easier to do the big stuff.
  4. Take a walk…punch a pillow…do something that will physically get you moving so you are thinking about the activity, not your stresserstress

The biggest one for me is to just let it out. By saying my worry out loud, it makes it sound silly. The sillier the worry sounds, the easier it is for me to change it into a mole hill instead of the mounted I originally created. I sometimes call my Mom when I think I’m having an anxiety attack, and by just saying “I’m freaking out and there’s no reason why”, I can feel myself relax. Same with my husband…if I had a particularly stressful day, I know I can come home and vent to him. Even just the thought of knowing I’m going to get the feelings out later can help me adjust my level of anxiety.

So…I’m not a psychologist or anything, but I do suffer from anxiety… These are the things that have helped me in the past. If you have anxiety and you try this stuff and it helps…please share this article! Anxiety is no laughing matter and if this helps other people I want this shared, shared, shared!


Struggles With Turner’s Syndrome

turners syndromeI’ve heard so many stories of people who have struggled, and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about mine. I have a genetic defect called “Turner’s Syndrome”. For those of you that don’t know…Turner’s Syndrome is genetic. Like all others who are affected, I am partially missing an X chromosome. I feel like I got very lucky though; some people are missing the entire thing, and they have several more issues than me. With Turner’s you can have have heart, lung, kidney and joint issues. Auto Immune problems can arise as well. Thankfully I’ve only had a few minor heart issues that (so far) have been taken care of with Iron supplements for anemia. Every woman/girl withmelittler Turner’s has an issue with puberty/reproductive organs and menstrual cycles, because….only women have this disorder…lucky us. Read more about Turner’s Here! I had problems for about 12 years, and I had probably seen about 10 doctors for this in my adolescent and young adult life. I was in and out of gyno’s, spent thousands on ultrasounds and blood work, and took enough anti-depressant medicatioelementaryn to turn me into a zombie. My hemoglobin/RBC (which should be around an 11) was a 3. My skin was literally gray. I was sent to an Oncologist with the fear I had Leukemia. I really thought I was going to die. WIth my blood count being so low, I would pass out all the time. In class, at work, in the shower, meandmegin the cafeteria line…My life was sleeping as much as possible, and it put a HUGE strain on my friends, family and relationships. FINALLY, an amazing family doctor at Holzer Medical Center in Pomeroy, Ohio listened to me. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong either, so he sent me to his colleague who delt with gynecology. Surprise surprise…she didn’t know what was wrong either. However, these two doctors put their heads togegradsther, and after 12 years of searching in vain…they sent me to a geneticist. I met this incredible life giving woman in Columbus at the Ohio State university Genetic Medicine Clinic. A few simple blood tests revealed Turner’s Syndrome. My mind was finally at ease! Although there is no cure, it was a huge relief to at least know why I was the way I was. My entire life I KNEW I was different, and I was right! But I didn’t let myself get down about it. I decided to take control of my life. I got a procedure done called a DNC and Ablation…it stopped me from having a monthly cycle, which in turn increased my RBC. Then I started taking Iron and an occassional hormone suppliment so my emotions weren’t going haywire anymore. I feel like a human again! I still have some memory issues…it’s hard to remember if I had told you a story already (and it’s extremely annoying to the people closest to me), I have a terrible time with math and telling time, and my vision and depth perception is horrible…but I feel blessed that those are the only problems I have right now. I want to help anyone who has went through this, because unfortuatly this syndrome can go undetected for YEARS. Get to facebook and look at the Turner’s Syndrome Page, and connect with others in the fight against Turner’s! Wear the purple butterfly and help the ladies in your life soar to new heights!

meandjeremyPeace, Love and Funk

xoxo Jennifer xoxo

The Stars Ball

tatMy Great Grandmother and Grandmother were the most amazing people on this planet. I’m sure everyone thinks that about their “Mamaw and Granny”, but in my case it’s true! Haha! Growing up my entire family sang a song called “The Stars Ball”.  We care about this song so much, and how sentimental it is, that a cousin of mine decorated her child’s room to the theme, and I even got the lyrics tattooed. This song is so important to all of us, and I have done a little research on the lyrics, and the results were amazing. Our little family lullaby is actually in the original book “El Dorado”!!! Can you believe that! This part of the book of El Dorado talks about a man that sings this song to the little children in the village. It goes on to discuss the human moral compass. It talks of good and evil, good and bad thoughts, and the symbolisism of animals and how they represent human actions and emotions. “El Dorado” talks of the book “Popul Vul”,  and it is the oldest book in America. This book is considered the first “bible”, and it tells the story of the creation of the earth. This song is also linked and connected somewhat to this ancient creation.It is similar to Christianity and other religions, although it has it’s own culturistic phrases and beliefs in it. All of these stories talk of the origin of creation, good and evil, and how we as humans can live for the light in a land of shadows. So hey family, READ THIS article because it’s so amazing that Gran’s little song is such a huge deal religiously and culturally. I’m still a Christian, so please don’t freak la familia…I just thought this was amazing!


Oh the stars one and all,

they had a great ball, one night way up in the sky.

they invited the earth,

to  join in their mirth, but he feared to go up so high.

no fiddler had they,

their music to play, and they were afraid it would fail.

but the man in the moon,

he whistled a tune, and the comet kept time with his tail.

so they danced and they danced,

they pranced and they pranced, till the moon said ’twas all he desired.

for his lips were so sore,

he could whistle no more, and the comet began to get tired.

so they faded away,

at the dim light of day,the moon and the stars from the ball.

and sad to relate,

next night they were late, and came near to not shining at all.