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Week 4

This weeks gratitude challenge is pretty easy, it’s being grateful for a family member… I’m grateful for my mom. She is the funniest, smartest, strong, loving, understanding and patient person I’ve ever met. This woman has worked hard to take care of her family without a complaint. She always has a shoulder to cry on an an ear to listen to me no matter how dumb the problem. She has sacrificed her time and her sanity for her kids. The word “Mom” cannot contain all the things she is to me. A mother, friend, secret keeper, teacher, therapist, nurse, and messenger of God. She puts me in my place when I’m being a brat, but is understanding when I have a melt down. She never backs down from a problem and has always had my back when I need her. She would go without so I could be comfortable. She takes my jokes and my sibling’s stupid jokes in stride (and might even think it’s funny). She makes me tea when I think I’m dying of heartaches, holds my hand when I’m scared, listens when I need to vent, gives tough love when I’m a brat, welcomes my husband with open arms, and has and will always be my number one fan. Me and my mom have the weirdest and most wonderful relationship. We butt heads sometimes and get mad at each other, but no matter what…she’s my mother. The things she has had to do in her life to help me, and the fact that she had to grow up so fast astound me. I would not have been as strong as her with the same obstacles. She has always put God first in her life and herself second. Her intelligence blows me away, and her compassion for other people is like no one I’ve ever seen before. Mom, if you read this…you are the most amazing person on the planet and I am grateful for you every single day. I love you!



Week 3

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Family. I am so incredibly grateful for my family. They are the reason I am what I am. Each individual person has shaped me in some way, and this includes the new people in my life from my husband’s family. I have seen strength, energy, sacrifice, laughter, joy and just love in my family. Without the help of these people, Jeremy and I wouldn’t have had the wedding we invisioned. We wouldn’t have the knowledge of how to love each other. We wouldn’t have had the knowledge to even love ourselves. The people in my family put their family members first. The saying that “blood is thicker than water” is accurate with us. Anytime that I had a hard time, my family has been there for me. Letting me live with them as an adult during a tough time, riding with cousins to work, going above and beyond for my wedding, ect…My family is amazing…and although we butt heads, I wouldn’t want to butt heads with anyone else. These people have each other’s back no matter what. No matter what you have done, my family will stick up for you, lend a helping hand, a bed to sleep on, a shoulder to cry on, and a full belly of food. My Mamaw Jane in particular would do literally ANYTHING for her family. Her last dollar, her last slice of bread, her car…whatever you needed she would help you out with no questions asked. My family learned so much from her and my Granny. They shaped our family and were the glue that held us together. I hope all my little cousins and our future neices and nephews realize how much they are loved. I hope they realize that although we all butt heads, we don’t let anyone else butt heads with our clan. My family is the epidome of the word “strength” and I am proud to be a Laubach, McAdow, Crawford, Whitaker, Lowe, and a Collins. I love my family!

Week 2


This one is about your spouse or significant other. My husband’s name is Jeremy and he is amazing. I am insanely grateful for him even if I don’t act like it sometimes. Anytime I’m upset, he’s there. If I’m cold, he brings me a blanket, makes dinner when I’m hungry, laughs at my stupid stories…He makes my day worthwhile. Without him I would be empty. We bicker and I’m usually always in a bad mood and he takes it in stride. I have never met a man as patient and loving and forgiving as him. Each and every night I pray a thanks for him and for giving me the opportunity to be his wife. dancing

He made my small and narrow minded world open up and grow. Jeremy has taught me so much about life and about having fun. He teaches me to let go and be more of a free spirit. I am usually a really uptight person, and I feel a wave of relief and relaxation when I hug him. I really don’t think I’m good for him, but I think God knew what he was doing for my life because he’s the only one for me. This man carries me to bed, makes me coffee in the morning, listens to me rant for hours and has Harry Potter Movie Marathons with me. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him and his happiness. back

He is the greatest blessing of my life. I wish to all of you that you find someone who loves you as much as my husband loves me. I know it’s real, because I am horrible sometimes and he keeps sticking around haha! It still shocks me that someone likes me, let alone loves me and loves me enough to want to marry me. The biggest shock, is that this man is Jeremy. I never would have imagined that I would marry a boy from the city! My life changed from the second we said hello to each other and I would marry him all over again every day of my life.

Week 1


Week one is…”Why start this challenge?”

I wanted to start this challenge to remind myself that life is good. I get carried away on the negative pretty often and don’t ever “stop to smell the flowers.” Seasonal depression has reared it’s ugly head again this winter, and maybe finding gratitude will silence him somewhat.

There are so many things that I take for granted every single day, and I hate that. I have never been a sunshine and glitter kind of girl, but I need to get away from being a hurricane in the dead of winter kind of girl. So here goes…week one of “why start this challenge?”…just to feel good about my life and not be a Negative Nancy all the time!