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Week 11


There are several people who inspire me in my everyday life, and many who inspire me emotionally, spiritually and successfully. I am grateful honestly…for JK Rowling. Although I freakin’ LOVE the Harry Potter series, it’s more than that for me. This woman is incredibly talented, determined and hardworking. She built herself an empire from an idea she wrote on a napkin. That is amazing to me. She was a divorced, homeless, depressed, suicidal and had a child to take care of. Through all of her suffering, she rose up from that despair to write one of the most famous novels of all time!

This is inspirational to me on many levels. Emotionally: just her story in general is amazing. To leave an abusive husband with a new baby and be depressed and homeless and then become a world famous author who will forever be celebrated touches my heart.

Spiritually: Rock bottom hit her hard, but she bounced back. I’ve never had a situation in my life as bad as hers…and that makes me feel like if she can do it, then with God, I can do big things too. I can overcome whatever is holding me back and be a happy, successful and creative inspiration to someone else.

Successfully: to be able to live and work doing what you love it inspirational to me. I have had many jobs I’ve hated in the past…and I’ve always been jealous of her outcome in her story. She is an incredible person and i strive to even scratch the surface of her success.


Week 10



So…I’m supposed to list five things that I like about myself this time…that’s a hard one. There are things about myself that I think are good qualities, but I’ve never been one to think good things regarding ME. So, I’m gonna give it a try! This is suppose to make you grateful for things, and maybe I will look back on this later and be grateful for something concerning this week’s challenge (and yes, it’s a challenge lol). ?

Numero Uno: The first thing I like about myself is my ability to stand up for what I believe in. I am opinionated and outspoken. No one walks over me or my loved ones and I am proud to say that about myself.

Number Two: I like that I have tried to follow my dream and that I don’t let anything get in the way of that.

Number Three: That I made a PERFECT choice in a spouse, that makes me like my abilty to detect good character.

Number Four: That I always apologize when I feel I did something wrong or hurt someone.

Last but not least: I like that I like to learn. Education is very important (not just academically but learning about cultures, art, history, conspiracies, academics, ect) and I am thankful that I know education is important and that I try to learn something new constantly.

So…there you have it: Five things I like about ME.

Week 9



How did I do and feel? That is this week’s post. Honestly, I think I’ve been a little more knowledgeable about how my life is. I’ve discovered, it’s pretty great. I have the best husband on the face of the earth. I have a great family that loves each other, wonderful friends (even if we don’t get to see each other often, I know they love me), and a great education and a great job. There really isn’t anything too bad in my life. Sometimes I think when people get down on themselves, they are comparing themselves to things that are impossible to compare to. 

I have a real problem with comparisons. I see people younger than me that have done (in my mind) so much more than I have. However, if I take away the comparison…I’m pretty kick ass. I’ve never burnt any bridges, I love the people in my life, I’m loved by my friends, family and coworkers and I am happily and passionately in love with my husband. So far, this gratitude challenge is pretty sweet…very enlightening. I urge everyone to try it…even just for a month!

Week 8

This week is about expressing gratitude to three people.

I would like to express gratitude to my little brother Matthew. Even though he isn’t little anymore, I will always be protective of him. He is the best guy there is, any girl would be lucky to end up with him. He treats me and our Mom great, he is intelligent, hard working, reliable, hilarious, genuine, compassionate and just an all around perfect brother! He is one of the most kindhearted people I know and would do anything for his friends and family. He has been a great shoulder to cry on and is a wonderful listener. I will cherish our memories forever and I often think about when we were little and how much of a pain he was haha! Although we used to bicker back and forth, I will have his back to matter what. We have been there for each other through thick and thin, and he is someone I can always count on. I am grateful to have him in my life and if I could choose who my family was, he would be the first one on the list.

The second person I want to express gratitude is my friend Megan. She and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember. Through the awkward puberty years, moving from house to house, marriages and children…this woman has been my rock. Without her, I doubt I would be who I am today. She has been a friend, a sister, a mother, a teacher, a therapist and the tough love giver. She is an amazing person and I would have been a lost cause without her in my life. For the past couple years we’ve drifted a little…and that comes with age, but I am making a promise to get back in the swing of where we were! You are “my person” and I know I’m yours. I don’t even think of you as a friend, I think of you as a sister. I am grateful for your friendship and the time I have spent with you throughout my life. Your children are so lucky to have you as a mom and I want to always be in their lives. I am grateful to you for teaching me about what matters and what doesn’t and always being there for me. I love you Megan and I want you to know, I am, have always been and will always be grateful for you.

Last but not least, I am grateful to Dr. Steve Smith at Holzer Hospital in Pomeroy, Ohio. I know this is a person who being grateful for is super random…but I truly think he saved my life. For years I had some medical issues and from the age of about 12-13 to about 23 or so…I saw more than 15 doctors who couldn’t figure out my issues, passed me along, wrote off my symptoms and pushed pills on me, or just didn’t have a clue how to even help me. Not the case with Dr Smith. He took his time and researched my symptoms, researched all of the years of test results and got me in touch with people who could help. When he helped discover I had Turner’s Syndrome, I felt alive again. No more wondering, no more “crying wolf” as people probably thought I was doing…the search was over. I got to take control of my life and I will forever be grateful to a doctor that deserves more than just a “thank you” on a blog.

Week 7


nicoleandjennThis week’s gratitude challenge is having gratitude for a friend. I would like to shout out my Ohio Center for Broadcasting bud Nicole Dolwick. This girl is the definition of a friend. She is always thoughtful and kind hearted. Without her I don’t know if I could have made it through broadcasting school. She was always a motivator and an inspiration. This is the most hardworking person and sacrifices herself to help others and get ahead in life. The talks, shoulder to cry on, laughs and memories will last a lifetime. To the woman who made me look awesome on my wedding day, to the woman who befriended some weird girl from Adams County, to the woman who I will cherish their friendship for the rest of my life…I am grateful. I love you Nicole, and thanks for hanging out with me…even when the margarita’s are strong.

Week 6


I am so grateful for the city I live in and the “city” I came from.  Cincinnati is amazing and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. I have been welcomed with open arms from the people here, and especially within the broadcasting community. I am in love with the Ohio Media School and I have made so many friends by becoming a part of the OCB/OMS family. This community is so connected and so involved in charity events and helping others throughout Cincinnati and it is very heartwarming. I help run the Ohio Media School’s internet radio station, and I have had so much encouragement from the community on this project. We have had our voices heard and I am proud to say I live in such a community driven place.

I am also grateful for the “little city” I came from. Peebles, Ohio. This is where I learned to read and write and love the world. Playing outside, getting dirty and making life long friendships. I will forever be grateful for a wholesome upbringing in a small town environment. This town taught me respect for others, compassion, hard work and dedication. You can’t be lazy there. You can’t be rude there. Peebles may still be outdated as far as a city would be concerned…but outdated is a good thing. They still go to church and eat meals together. They still hike in Woodland Alters and go swimming in Mineral Springs Lake. Kids catch “lightning bugs” and listen to their parents, and I am grateful to have grown up where everyone knows everyone and the entire town has your back.

Week 5




This time it’s to be grateful for something someone gave me. There are two very big things that I am grateful for that someone gave me. The first is my engagement/wedding ring. This ring symbolizes so much for me. It shows how much my husband loves me that he wanted me for the rest of his life. He wanted to make a commitment to always be my partner and my friend and to always love me. The ring I have reminds me every day that I have someone who will always have my back and who will take on the world with me. My ring reminds me of the wonderful gift God gave me in having Jeremy for a husband. He isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t choose anyone else to spend my life with.


The other gift that I was given is from my Dad. This gift is the gift of self respect. My father is a person who has never let anyone walk all over him, and he never will. He is stubborn and honest. He is blunt and straight forward and although these qualities that we share make us butt heads often…I respect my Dad for always sticking up for himself, his beliefs and his family.


I am stubborn, loud, honest, blunt, confident, straight forward and driven…and I can honestly say that these qualities are from Dad. I wouldn’t be who I am without those qualities. I am eternally grateful to have him as a Dad and to know that no matter what, I will always be there for my family, stick up for them, myself and my beliefs. I may burn bridges, but I wouldn’t want a bridge to a passive nature. He and I are passionate and opinionated and I am thankful that I can express myself how I want to…and that’s because of him.