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Queen City Radio


If you haven’t been to Queen City Radio, you are seriously missing out. This bar ROCKS! First off, the people that run the place are amazing…Louisa, Chris, James and can’t forget Madeline! I’ve never had a better experience at a bar before…the atmosphere is welcoming, laid back and fun. This place is TWO stories high and has a huge outdoor beer garden but it still has a cozy and friendly vibe. The look of this bar is industrial, with huge garage doors that open up with good weather and leather/wood and iron aesthetics. They play a mix of musical genres so everyone’s tastes are included as well!

This brings me to my next observation…live bands! I love when places do live events and this bar does a wonderful job of helping out the local music scene here in Cincinnati. Bands like Jamwave, B.C. Duo and others can come here at rock out for the entire OTR area to hear on Thursday nights! Trivia nights are a blast and once a month or so on Saturday’s they do charity events such as “Spring Break” for Women Helping Women and “Witches Night.”

If you don’t want to drink, then don’t fret! You can order a soda or water and grab a burger from the food truck outside! These are the best burgers in the city the “Whip” and fries are AMAZE BALLS. I noticed that you can even bring your pooch because they have a huge outdoor area for you and the pup to hang out and people watch.

Extra shout out to Louisa Reckman for getting published in City Beat Magazine for her efforts to help women in need. The magazine wanted to showcase how Queen City Radio is trying to end sexual violence and they came up with “Ask for Lexi”. This isn’t a shot (although they do the same as other bars with the “Angel Shot”) but asking for “Lexi” will alert the bartenders that you need help and they can discretely speak with you to see what kind of help you need. This is a wonderful thing that Women Helping Women is getting involved with as well and we are so proud to be friends with everyone at Queen City Radio!

To read the article in City Beat Magazine click here!

Check out Queen City Radio’s Website here!

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QUEEN CITY RADIO is located at 222 W. 12th St., Over-the-Rhine, To learn more about WOMEN HELPING WOMEN or contact the organization for help, call the 24-hour crisis line at 513-381-5610 or visit


Drunken Bento


Have you been to this place? If not, this is the best sushi in the world! I just wanted to let everyone know about it. This is a sushi and Korean style restaurant located on West McMillan in Clifton (Cincinnati). First off, when you walk in you feel at home. This is a little hole in the wall place with dim lighting. The light fixtures are just bulbs inside old wine bottles and it emits a beautiful glow. The atmosphere is very laid back…but if you are claustrophobic, beware! There are only about 10 tables and you are all squishy with everyone next to you…but that can be a fun experience to say hello to your dinner neighbor! If you look around the walls, there are little wood blocks and they have names, drawings, cartoons ect written on them. You can see how many people have helped this place grow and see all the love that fills this restaurant daily. The service is always wonderful. A friendly and energetic wait staff is always quick, knowledgeable and in a good mood.

Now for the food and drinks! They have a FULL BAR people. I repeat, a FULL BAR. Beer on tap, wine, liquor, saki…anything you want…they have it. I’ve never been dissapointed in my order. The food is spectacular as well. Personally, the Volcano roll is my faaavvveee, but I’ve tried other rolls and they are great. Sometimes they even serve your food in an awesome wooden boat when the cooks are feelin’ creative! Everything on the menu is always half price, so you aren’t breaking the bank getting a full tummy either. Drunken Bento has received the “Best of UC” award in 2016 and 2017 and has a laundry list of other awards hanging there. I am proud of our city and our ability to promote local business!

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212 W McMillan St
(513) 381-5905