Week 11


There are several people who inspire me in my everyday life, and many who inspire me emotionally, spiritually and successfully. I am grateful honestly…for JK Rowling. Although I freakin’ LOVE the Harry Potter series, it’s more than that for me. This woman is incredibly talented, determined and hardworking. She built herself an empire from an idea she wrote on a napkin. That is amazing to me. She was a divorced, homeless, depressed, suicidal and had a child to take care of. Through all of her suffering, she rose up from that despair to write one of the most famous novels of all time!

This is inspirational to me on many levels. Emotionally: just her story in general is amazing. To leave an abusive husband with a new baby and be depressed and homeless and then become a world famous author who will forever be celebrated touches my heart.

Spiritually: Rock bottom hit her hard, but she bounced back. I’ve never had a situation in my life as bad as hers…and that makes me feel like if she can do it, then with God, I can do big things too. I can overcome whatever is holding me back and be a happy, successful and creative inspiration to someone else.

Successfully: to be able to live and work doing what you love it inspirational to me. I have had many jobs I’ve hated in the past…and I’ve always been jealous of her outcome in her story. She is an incredible person and i strive to even scratch the surface of her success.


2 thoughts on “Week 11”

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