Week 9



How did I do and feel? That is this week’s post. Honestly, I think I’ve been a little more knowledgeable about how my life is. I’ve discovered, it’s pretty great. I have the best husband on the face of the earth. I have a great family that loves each other, wonderful friends (even if we don’t get to see each other often, I know they love me), and a great education and a great job. There really isn’t anything too bad in my life. Sometimes I think when people get down on themselves, they are comparing themselves to things that are impossible to compare to. 

I have a real problem with comparisons. I see people younger than me that have done (in my mind) so much more than I have. However, if I take away the comparison…I’m pretty kick ass. I’ve never burnt any bridges, I love the people in my life, I’m loved by my friends, family and coworkers and I am happily and passionately in love with my husband. So far, this gratitude challenge is pretty sweet…very enlightening. I urge everyone to try it…even just for a month!


What Did You Think?

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