Branding With Social Media


I know that branding on social media can be a job in its-self…but it’s an important one. Some how, broadcasting has evolved to include things like Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all of the other various forms of “media”. These forms of media have made a real impact on the world of broadcasting, some for better and some for worse.

In this era, millennials and their phones rule the world. Facebook is where they get their news, and Youtube is where they get their entertainment. This kind of hurts broadcasters because News stations now have to write and promote their stories on multiple platforms so people can be informed and ratings might drop because people aren’t actually watching the program. On the other hand, social media can be something AMAZING for people. The fact that so many people are “addicted” to social media can be a huge benefit for entrepreneurs, aspiring artists and singers, and even for aspiring broadcasters! You can upload your demo for the world to see, and the “right person” may see it and offer you a job!

My personal opinion is that social media is a wonderful tool to showcase your work and to get as many people viewing your work as possible. Just think: You just graduated from film school and you don’t really know how to get the word out about a short film you just made…what do you do? Well, social media has given us the answer! Promote on every page you can, get your friends to “share” and “like” your work and eventually people will be interested in your work. If you want to be a photographer but you don’t know where to start, take some photos and put them on Instagram! That social media platform is designed to showcase photography!

Social media can help you sell your product and services to the most people as possible. Having social media as an evolutionary appendage to the body of broadcasting is awesome anyway…that opens up more jobs at stations. There has to be someone running the Facebook pages and all the other forms of social media, and who’s going to do that? YOU! So start branding yourself and get your projects out there in the vast world of the internet and see where it takes you!


What Did You Think?

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