Week 6


I am so grateful for the city I live in and the “city” I came from.  Cincinnati is amazing and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now. I have been welcomed with open arms from the people here, and especially within the broadcasting community. I am in love with the Ohio Media School and I have made so many friends by becoming a part of the OCB/OMS family. This community is so connected and so involved in charity events and helping others throughout Cincinnati and it is very heartwarming. I help run cincyunderground.com the Ohio Media School’s internet radio station, and I have had so much encouragement from the community on this project. We have had our voices heard and I am proud to say I live in such a community driven place.

I am also grateful for the “little city” I came from. Peebles, Ohio. This is where I learned to read and write and love the world. Playing outside, getting dirty and making life long friendships. I will forever be grateful for a wholesome upbringing in a small town environment. This town taught me respect for others, compassion, hard work and dedication. You can’t be lazy there. You can’t be rude there. Peebles may still be outdated as far as a city would be concerned…but outdated is a good thing. They still go to church and eat meals together. They still hike in Woodland Alters and go swimming in Mineral Springs Lake. Kids catch “lightning bugs” and listen to their parents, and I am grateful to have grown up where everyone knows everyone and the entire town has your back.


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