Week 5




This time it’s to be grateful for something someone gave me. There are two very big things that I am grateful for that someone gave me. The first is my engagement/wedding ring. This ring symbolizes so much for me. It shows how much my husband loves me that he wanted me for the rest of his life. He wanted to make a commitment to always be my partner and my friend and to always love me. The ring I have reminds me every day that I have someone who will always have my back and who will take on the world with me. My ring reminds me of the wonderful gift God gave me in having Jeremy for a husband. He isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t choose anyone else to spend my life with.


The other gift that I was given is from my Dad. This gift is the gift of self respect. My father is a person who has never let anyone walk all over him, and he never will. He is stubborn and honest. He is blunt and straight forward and although these qualities that we share make us butt heads often…I respect my Dad for always sticking up for himself, his beliefs and his family.


I am stubborn, loud, honest, blunt, confident, straight forward and driven…and I can honestly say that these qualities are from Dad. I wouldn’t be who I am without those qualities. I am eternally grateful to have him as a Dad and to know that no matter what, I will always be there for my family, stick up for them, myself and my beliefs. I may burn bridges, but I wouldn’t want a bridge to a passive nature. He and I are passionate and opinionated and I am thankful that I can express myself how I want to…and that’s because of him.



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