So You Didn’t Get The Job

So you did’t get the job…

You really want to know why? Your interview probably sucked.


So I don’t want to offend anyone, because goodness knows I’m probably gonna get really politically “incorrect” real quick. However, I guarantee that the reason you didn’t get the job is because your interview sucked. I was a recruiter for a company in Orlando, Florida and you can’t imagine the ignorance of people coming in and trying to get a job.

First off, if you are showing up for an interview…please be on time. This baffles me how many people would show up more than 10 minutes late ALL THE TIME. Really? This is so huge. Not just in the entertainment world, but just good manners in general for any job you are interviewing at. Being late was probably my biggest pet peeve with these interviewers, and it’s every other interviewers pet peeve as well. If you get the job after being late, then you’re a magician. (If something crazy happened like you got a flat tire or something, then people understand…at least call and tell them what’s up.)

This next one used to really grind my gears too. How you dressed. Fish net stockings? Uh…no. See through top…just go home. Shorts? Are you kidding me? You don’t have to rent a tux (that’s a little dramatic), but some slacks and a button down shirt would probably suffice. Ladies, if you are going to wear a skirt that’s fine…but I don’t ever want to see the color of your undies; so make it 3 inch above the knee and no shorter please.

Eye contact is also a key component to interviewing. Believe me, I know interviews are nerve wracking and scary..but maintaining eye contact is key. Now, don’t be a creep and just stare at your interviewer, and please blink occasionally. Smile too!!! You should be happy that you’ve been given a chance to meet with this person for a job! If you don’t look happy to be there, the interviewer will think that you don’t really care about getting the position.

Give a firm (but not death grip like) handshake when you meet and depart from the interview. This shows confidence and it makes the interviewer feel comfortable getting to know you.

Also, do your research on the company. If you don’t even know what this company does (or what the job even consists of) do your research and ask questions. The interviewer talks ALL DAY LONG. From experience, I want to learn about YOU …and I want you to WANT to learn about “us.” Craft your personal story and why you chose to apply at this particular company. As a previous interviewer, I usually decided whether to hire you within the first 3 minutes of meeting you…so be friendly and patient.

Random Bit of Advice Below:

What to Bring:

Resume/Demo’s and a good attitude (business card if you have one).

What NOT to Bring:

Your phone, and a tandem (someone that sits in the lobby waiting on you…super tacky).

At the end of the meeting ask for a business card. When you get home, send a personal thank you email…and make is genuine. If you want to go the extra mile, a snail mail thank you card is always really nice and personal. If you don’t hear from the company within a week, then give them a call and inquire on the status of your application! FOLLOW UP!!! Other than that, just be yourself! Good luck and dream big!



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