Lies About Modeling


There are tons of lies about modeling and models in general. It frustrated me to no end to hear people belittle or mock a profession that I have found to be fascinating. If you really delve into this industry, the people who work in it dedicate their lives to it. There is such passion in every photo, in every runway walk and every commercial that you see. So I’m here to “de-bunk” the mysteries of the model. 

Lie number 1: “If someone really wants you, you’ll never have to pay for a thing in modeling!” Ok…maybe for some people this is true…but this day and age, it’s not. You might be beautiful but un-photogenic, so you’ll need to learn posing. Or you can’t walk 2 feet without tripping in your heels…these things take practice and time (and sometimes money) to learn. Also, you’ll need comp cards (cards with your photo and measurements for agents to show designers/companies) and headshots (photos of you to show to designers and companies), and those aren’t free.

Lie number 2: “Models are rich.” Hahahahahaha!!!! This one makes me laugh! Of course, supermodels are rich, but that’s far and few. Most models make about $200-$1000 per gig. Sometimes they are even paid with clothing from the shoot. Obviously, anyone that is serious about modeling hopes that they don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck, but the majority of models just do their best and hope another casting call comes soon!


Lie 3: “Models are just the hanger for the clothes.” This certainly was true in the beginning of modeling, but now there is much more to it. “Duck faces” and “selfies” does not a model make. You have to know yourself and your angles, play with lighting, feel good about your poses and walk confidently. People think it’s just taking pictures, but there is an art to this difficult craft.

Lie 4: “Models are dumb.” This one angers me the most. Personally, I am a model and I do not consider myself “dumb.” There are many men and women who join modeling to pay for their college tuition’s to become wonderful things like doctors and teachers…definitely not “dumb”! I myself have several degrees, but I love to model. Photos show so many stories and I love help telling them!

Lie number 5: “Models don’t eat.” Outrageous lie. That being said, it’s not like there hasn’t ever been a model with an eating disorder. However, if you truley are working in the industry, models KNOW you have to eat. Stress levels, long hours, constant auditions and gigs, working out…you need calories if you want to keep up! Also, skinny people eat. I am 98 pounds and I eat more than my 165 pound husband on the daily! 10394609_10152634784717544_4644471352027283130_n

The last and most important lie of all: “You can only be a model if you are tall, skinny and 16 years old.” Good gravy. If this was true, no one would ever be on a billboard for a hospital, a college campus, a restaurant menu, anything! Yes, if you want to do runways in Milan…then that’s an entirely different story. But if you have a good look, or you fit a profile that a casting person is looking for, then go for it! I’m only 5 foot tall and I have gotten SEVERAL gigs! Keep your mind open and find an agency (read my article on how to find an agent) that works with you, and let the auditions begin!

I hope this article has given you some knowledge on modeling; and helps you to understand that models are just people who get paid to be broadcasted. This is a wonderful industry for those who have perseverance and drive. Be ready for rejection, but if you keep trying…who knows what your “big break” might be!





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