How To Get An Agent


I’m going to start out by saying “I am clearly not famous”…however, I’ve worked with people who are, and I’ve followed my own advice and (slowly) I’m getting gigs. Starting out, you aren’t going to be a Brad Pitt, but you might someday! So, keep working on your craft. First off, I would find an agent.  This can be tough and you need high self esteem. Still interested? Awesome! Entertainment is a tough industry to get into, and you’re already on the right track because now you’re looking for an agent. There are several ways to get an agent; but, here is my personal step by step plan on finding the one that works for YOU:

Step One: Research, research, research. What city are you closest to? How far are you willing to travel for auditions? What kind of entertainment are you interested in entering? The answers to these questions will determine what agency you want to contact. Some agencies are more inclined to have gigs related to modeling, some more geared for acting, for voice overs, ect…

Once you have found the agency that you are interested in, contact them to find out what they need from you for when you meet with them. Some agencies won’t meet with you unless you’ve already sent them a photo/resume/voice over demo (this is a recording of your voice that is no longer than a minute and may have several recordings all edited together)/demo reel (video about 1-2 minutes long that shows clips of your best work). This helps them with time management and making quick decisions on if you would be a good fit for their agency. Most people know if they like your work in the first 30 seconds or less of listening/watching your demos.

If you are asked to come in and speak with an agent, then be prepared for your meeting. This person is taking time out of their busy day to possibly offer you a chance to live out your dream. Do not be late. NUMBER ONE most important rule in entertainment is be on time. This meeting is similar to an interview. Bring copies of your resume/demos/photos with you for the agent to keep. Really think about what your goals are and how this agency can help build your career. Do your research on the talent they already have, the gigs they have acquired, and what type of gigs you would like to be a part of. Be ready to tell these goals to your agent. This meeting is your time to shine. Shake hands, be friendly and show the agent your hunger for this industry.

Depending on what your goals are and what agency you get a meeting with, will determine the rest of your interaction. At a modeling agency you will take some photos there so they can see you in basic poses, and you may do a short “walk” down the hall or the In House Runway. Some modeling agencies may even have you read a few lines of a commercial to see if you have on camera potential.

At a talent agency you may take a few photos, but the bulk of your interview will be speaking in front of a camera for the agent. He or she may have you read lines on a few commercials, and you may have to prepare a monologue as well. A monologue is a section of script where a  character is speaking for an extended period of time (1-4 minutes). My suggestion is to do a dramatic/emotional monologue so you can show range. I have seen people do comedic monologues and they usually miss the mark…I don’t recommend comedy. To be perfectly honest, I would probably have 2 monologues prepared before your meeting. If the agent doesn’t like your monologue than at least you have a back up.

“How should I dress?” This seems to be the number one question that I get when people are looking for agencies…and I feel like it’s the least important thing. As an actor or model, you are going to wear whatever the shoot calls for so as long as you look presentable; then you are fine. Do not show up in sweat pants, no mini skirts, and no pajamas. Look like you care about this meeting. This is your dream and you’re future. Don’t blow it because you showed up to your meeting looking like a ho-bo. I have seen talent show up in suits, jeans,  appropriate skirts…and all of it was fine!!! Be yourself and show the agent who you are! Sell yourself with your personality.

Be prepared for rejection. This is hands down the second best advice I can give you. I have had so many rejections in this industry ranging areas from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida; and it hasn’t kept me down! Maryl Streep, JK Rowling, Amy Pholer, Steve Harvey, Oprah and countless others have experienced rejection… and look where they are now! Again, this industry is savage. Mentally prepare for rejection and criticism. Grow thick skin. Stay positive and confident. Work hard and don’t lose the drive that brought you to this article. The reason you read this is because you have confidence in yourself, keep believing you can be successful in entertainment, and you will be. So get prepared NOW, and break a leg!


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